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void QAssistantClient::showPage ( const QString &  page  )  [virtual, slot]

Brings Qt Assistant to the foreground showing the given page. The page parameter is a path to an HTML file (e.g., QLatin1String("/home/pasquale/superproduct/docs/html/intro.html")).

If Qt Assistant hasn't been opened yet, this function will call the openAssistant() slot with the specified page as the start page.

The first time Qt Assistant is started, its window will open in front of the application's windows. Subsequent calls to this function will only load the specified pages in Qt Assistant and will not display its window in front of the application's windows.
See also:

Definition at line 368 of file qassistantclient.cpp.

References openAssistant().

    if (opened) {
        QTextStream os( socket );
        os << page << QLatin1String("\n");
    } else {
        pageBuffer = page;

        if (proc->state() == QProcess::NotRunning) {

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