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Config Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

QString aboutApplicationMenuText () const
QString aboutURL () const
QPixmap applicationIcon () const
QString assistantDocPath () const
bool defaultProfileExists ()
QStringList docFiles () const
QPixmap docIcon (const QString &title) const
QString docImageDir (const QString &title) const
bool docRebuild () const
QStringList docTitles () const
qreal fontPointSize () const
FontSettings fontSettings ()
void hideSideBar (bool b)
QString homePage () const
QString indexPage (const QString &title) const
void load ()
void loadDefaultProfile ()
QByteArray mainWindowState () const
QStringList mimePaths ()
Profileprofile () const
QString profileName () const
QStringList profiles () const
void save ()
void saveProfile (Profile *profile)
void setDocRebuild (bool rb)
void setFontPointSize (qreal size)
void setFontSettings (const FontSettings &settings)
void setHomePage (const QString &hom)
void setMainWindowState (const QByteArray &state)
void setSideBarPage (int sbp)
void setSource (const QStringList &s)
void setWindowGeometry (const QByteArray &geometry)
bool sideBarHidden () const
int sideBarPage () const
QStringList source () const
QString title () const
bool validProfileName () const
QByteArray windowGeometry () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Configconfiguration ()
static ConfigloadConfig (const QString &profileFileName)

Private Member Functions

 Config (const Config &c)
Configoperator= (const Config &c)
void saveSettings ()

Private Attributes

bool hideSidebar
QString home
FontSettings m_fontSettings
QByteArray mainWinState
qreal pointFntSize
QStringList profileNames
bool rebuildDocs
int sideBar
QStringList src
QByteArray winGeometry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file config.h.

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