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HelpDialog Class Reference

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Public Slots

void addBookmark ()
void currentTabChanged (int index)
void initialize ()
void locateContents (const QString &link)
void startSearch ()


void showLink (const QString &s)
void showSearchLink (const QString &s, const QStringList &terms)

Public Member Functions

bool eventFilter (QObject *, QEvent *)
 HelpDialog (QWidget *parent, MainWindow *h)
bool lastWindowClosed ()
QTabWidget * tabWidget () const
void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *e)
QString titleOfLink (const QString &link)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString removeAnchorFromLink (const QString &link)

Private Types

typedef QList< ContentItemContentList

Private Slots

void insertBookmarks ()
void insertContents ()
void lastWinClosed ()
void loadIndexFile ()
void on_buttonAdd_clicked ()
void on_buttonRemove_clicked ()
void on_helpButton_clicked ()
void on_resultBox_itemActivated (QListWidgetItem *)
void on_searchButton_clicked ()
void on_termsEdit_returnPressed ()
void processEvents ()
void searchInIndex (const QString &s)
void setIndexingProgress (int prog)
void setupFullTextIndex ()
void showIndexItemMenu (const QPoint &pos)
void showListItemMenu (const QPoint &pos)
void showResultPage (QListWidgetItem *)
void showTopic (QTreeWidgetItem *)
void showTopic ()
void showTreeItemMenu (const QPoint &pos)
void toggleBookmarks ()
void toggleContents ()
void toggleIndex ()
void toggleSearch ()
void updateSearchButton (const QString &txt)

Private Member Functions

void buildContentDict ()
void buildKeywordDB ()
void getAllContents ()
quint32 getFileAges ()
QTreeWidgetItem * locateLink (QTreeWidgetItem *item, const QString &link)
void removeOldCacheFiles (bool onlyFulltextSearchIndex=false)
void saveBookmarks ()
void setupTitleMap ()
void showBookmarkTopic ()
void showContentsTopic ()
void showIndexTopic ()
void showInitDoneMessage ()

Private Attributes

QAction * actionOpenCurrentTab
QAction * actionOpenLinkInNewTab
QAction * actionOpenLinkInNewWindow
bool bookmarksInserted
QString cacheFilesPath
QList< QPair< QString,
ContentList > > 
bool contentsInserted
QString documentationPath
QStringList foundDocs
bool indexDone
bool initDoneMsgShown
QMenu * itemPopup
QStringList keywordDocuments
bool lwClosed
QStringList terms
QMap< QString, QString > titleMap
bool titleMapDone
Ui::HelpDialog ui

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file helpdialog.h.

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