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MainWindow Class Reference

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Public Slots

MainWindownewWindow ()
void printingFinished ()
void saveSettings ()
void setup ()
void showLink (const QString &link)
void showLinks (const QStringList &links)
void updateBookmarkMenu ()

Public Member Functions

TabbedBrowserbrowsers () const
HelpDialoghelpDialog () const
void removePendingBrowser (HelpWindow *win)
void setupPopupMenu (QMenu *menu)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString urlifyFileName (const QString &fileName)

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *)
void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *)

Private Slots

void about ()
void backwardAvailable (bool)
void browserTabChanged ()
void copyAvailable (bool yes)
void forwardAvailable (bool)
void on_actionAboutApplication_triggered ()
void on_actionAboutAssistant_triggered ()
void on_actionClose_triggered ()
void on_actionFilePrint_triggered ()
void on_actionGoHome_triggered ()
void on_actionHelpAssistant_triggered ()
void on_actionHelpWhatsThis_triggered ()
void on_actionNewWindow_triggered ()
void on_actionSaveAs_triggered ()
void on_actionSyncToc_triggered ()
void setupBookmarkMenu ()
void showBookmark (QAction *action)
void showFontSettingsDialog ()
void showGoActionLink ()
void showLinkFromClient (const QString &link)
void showQtHelp ()
void showSearchLink (const QString &link, const QStringList &terms)
void updateProfileSettings ()
void updateTabActions (int index)

Private Member Functions

bool insertActionSeparator ()
void setupGoActions ()
void updateApplicationFontSettings (FontSettings &settings)

Private Attributes

QMap< QAction *, QString > bookmarks
QDockWidget * dw
QMap< QAction *, QString > * goActionDocFiles
QList< QAction * > goActions
QList< QPair< HelpWindow
*, QString > > 
uint setupCompleted:1
Ui::MainWindow ui

Static Private Attributes

static QList< MainWindow * > windows

Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file mainwindow.h.

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