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void QAssistantClient::openAssistant (  ) [virtual, slot]

Opens Qt Assistant, i.e. sets up the client-server communication between the application and Qt Assistant, and shows the start page specified by the current {assistant-manual.html} {Qt Assistant Document Profile}. If there is no specfied profile, and Qt is installed, the default start page is the Qt Reference Documentation's index page.

If the connection is already established, this function does nothing. Use the showPage() function to show another page. If an error occurs, the error() signal is emitted.

See also:
showPage(), assistantOpened()

Definition at line 277 of file qassistantclient.cpp.

Referenced by showPage().

    if ( proc->state() == QProcess::Running )

    QStringList args;
    if( !pageBuffer.isEmpty() ) {
        args.append( QLatin1String("-file") );
        args.append( pageBuffer );

    QAssistantClientPrivate *d = data( this );
    if( d ) {
        QStringList::ConstIterator it = d->arguments.constBegin();
        while( it!=d->arguments.constEnd() ) {
            args.append( *it );

    connect( proc, SIGNAL(readyReadStandardOutput()),
        this, SLOT(readPort()) );

    proc->start(assistantCommand, args);

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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